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What have been your experiences with Indian girls? - reddit

East Coast as well. I'll tell you what, you can still find normal Desi girls. Getting rarer though. I've noticed that ironically the stereotypical nerdy types, no sense of anything fashionable (which actually isn't a bad trait), (probably the types that frequent reddit regularly), are just as bad to be around as the extremely modernized liberal ones.

What is with the hate against Indian girls dating ... - reddit

level 1. Lxvy. · 4y. To be clear, I do not condone harassment or ownership of Indian women nor claims that dating non-Indians suddenly means that Indian women are self hating. That said, I think this is a complicated issue because in the west, Indian men (and Asian men as a whole) are stereotyped as undesirable.

Indian Girls Aren't Attractive : Vent - reddit.com

Indian Girls Aren't Attractive. My self esteem has been affected by posts on tiktok ranking girls ethnicities, usually done by teenage boys. They’d sometimes end up ranking black and Indian girls down. This has really affected my image of myself as south Asian girl, I just want to get over this. I’ve grown to see how toxic of an app tiktok ...

Rant: Being a Traditional Girl : india - reddit

Rant: Being a Traditional Girl. [R]eddiquette. I’m from a large conservative hindu family. I was raised to be the perfect submissive daughter and I grudgingly still am. I had to do “girl” things only. Be more shy, be more religious, don’t be loud, don’t be a rebel, don’t go out in the sun or get dark, don’t go out at night, don ...

I'm an Indian girl dating a Black/White guy - reddit

I'm an Indian girl dating a Black/White guy. I'll try to keep this brief. I met my boyfriend in college and he is absolutely amazing. We have been together for almost 3 years now. Being Indian, my parents have the hope that I will marry an Indian one day. However, I have never dated within my race. I have always been the black sheep of my ...

Do you think Indian girls prefer white guys? : india - reddit

Of course they do. I’ve met a lot of indian girls (both UK and US)and they all prefer mainly white guys first. Indian guys aren’t even options to most of these women. In the UK there’s more white x indian couples than indian x indian these days lol. I’ve actually met very very few indian girls who actually prefer indian guys in the UK.

Indian girl walks out on her beta Indian Husband ...

Indian girl walks out on her beta Indian Husband. Dating & Relationships. So this Indian girl decided that her Indian husband was boring so she abandons him for a white guy. The self hate and mental colonization is for real. I can't believe society and my family both want me to go through this bullshit. I honestly think it is better for Indian ...

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Indian Interracial Dating - reddit

This is a support community for Indian people who are in interracial relationships. 341. Members. 2. Online. Created Dec 31, 2019. ... help Reddit coins Reddit ...

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